Eleanor Buchan (cantadora)

In 1881 a woman called Anna O, committed to an asylum in Austria suffering from hysterical mutism, would unwittingly alter the course of medical history. 120 years later, another woman who cannot speak would reap the rewards. Part historical lecture, part autobiographical reclamation and part live surgery,she invites you to join her for a pudding after the dinner.


Hernandez (charming freak)

A clay offering as a bizzare nuptial celebration. Alchemical hieros gamos & an androgyne clownery creating gold from shit.                                              


Sensation Seeker’s Dinner (Immersive psycho-somatic gastronomy)

This is a cherished surprised for the adventurous sensation seekers among our carnival celebrators. Come and see what is on their menu of the eve!


Les Femmes Circus (bendy iron bodies)

Alluring and skilled, Les Femmes Circus perform a spectacle of stunts and feats combining circus with dance, theatre and comedy. Live before your eyes. This all female circus troupe will leave you asking for more. (watch trailer)

lesFemmesCircusIdentity Construction by Tuuli Malla (one-on-one performance and installation)

Identity Construction invites the audience to take a seat and dig into the trouble of communicating identities. What are the alternatives for describing sexual orientation / gender / religion / nationality beyond tick box forms? Through audience interactions the identity box will gradually close in the person inside.

identity construction 3 tuuliLoveshrine Sarah (spoken word)

‘Loveshrine Sarah gleefully dives into the pink portals of pleasure with her sex positive poetry.’


Tereza Silon a.k.a.Venustrap (movement) in a musical cooperation with Spencer Bambrough

‘They will never let us in and say: ‘Boys will be boys’ ‘, because even Marlene ‘at heart is a gentleman’ Ehm… Let’s call it a fan dance?


Music by: Dr. Clive (Clive Selwyn), Izabella Finch, Ewan Bleach


Host of the cabaret: Arkem Walton

revolution hooprevolution isabellarevolution touchCRdinnerrevolution tuuliCRwaitresses

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