About the EVENT

Carnival revolution is about a paradigm shift through play… It is about cheering to a multiplicity and creating a celebratory space of a joyful, diverse co-existence. It is a conscious fun and glitter, though all the glitter is not gold. But some golden moments are guaranteed if you decide to come!

Carnival Revolution is an all-beneficial event for the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY including a delicious experiental haute cuisine dinner, cutting-edge cabaret performance, humour and a good intention – we will auction wonderful art pieces donated by soulful artists for a local charity.

From a wise crone to the young punks, (S)he holds the seeds of change, the capacity for destruction and renewal too, a spin of seasons and a potential of a transformation. Use the possibility to come and bring your femme out no matter her size and strenght and no matter what gender you (self-)identify as. We do not quantify, we welcome!

Devendra Banhart

Devendra rocks his femme

During carnival time, life is subject only to…the laws of its own freedom.

A Universal spirit of the entire world’s revival and renewal,

in which we all take part.’


Carnival Revolution is inspired by the revolutionary Caribbean carnivals, Mediaeval feasts and ancient Saturnalia celebrations. It aims at inspiring a dialogue and a subversion of traditional roles. It feeds every unique body&soul and tickles fat egos. It blows fanfares to the feminine in all its usual and exceptional forms.


It was created by Tereza and Bella as a way of providing a platform for bringing together all they love and want to see thriving – art, togetherness, excentricity, wisdom and fun – and for sharing talents among and across a community. For all the right reasons!


photography by http://www.joycenicholls.com/


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